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Geissmann & Fils

Word from the president

The Geissmann Establishments, a family business existing in Morocco since 1946, commercialize equipment for the industry and distribute consumables, particularly specific chemical products.

Our know-how, combined with the high level of technical expertise of our employees and their commitment to customer satisfaction, has enabled us to develop innovative solutions for industry in the fields of :

  • Liquid filtration
  • Water treatment
  • Lubrication
  • Handling by conveyor belts
  • Supply of industrial equipment.

We operate throughout the Moroccan territory from Tangier to Lagouira and also in some African countries. From our headquarters in Casablanca, which is our logistics center, we ensure deliveries thanks to the availability of our product ranges in stock.

Our experts, engineers and specialized technicians, are particularly qualified and regularly undergo technical training, internships and seminars in order to be constantly aligned with the best international standards.

Our decades-long relationships with our world-leading partners enable us to offer our customers technical solutions based on internationally recognized standards: ISO, NSF, FDA, FCC, BRC, IFS, etc…

We have initiated long-term partnerships with all of our customers by listening to them in order to meet their demands, which is our primary objective.

To do this, we precisely determine the type of product to offer in accordance with the specific criteria, thus providing a technical solution to each of our customers. We also assist them in the implementation and use of our products and, thanks to a rigorous inventory management policy, we secure supply chains at a lower cost while ensuring safety and respect for the environment.

For Geissmann Establishments, advising, consulting, providing assistance and to be part of a policy of sustainable value creation are all elements of a very old, strong and trusted relationship with all our supplier partners abroad as well as with the Moroccan and African industries with which we collaborate.



Geissmann & Fils

Our Commercial Organization

Geissmann is structured in two independent divisions managed by competent engineers and technicians in order to respond more quickly and precisely to the needs of our customers:


Respecting quality is a daily concern at Etablissements Geissmann. It is well integrated into our administrative, logistical and commercial processes.

With the certifications of our supplier partners, we are also committed to respecting our customers’ quality management system and meeting their need for ISO, NSF, FCC and other certificates…

The customer is at the heart of our actions.

Our 7 Commitments for Sustainable Quality Management

Health, Safety & Environment

On a daily basis, Geissmann establishments are committed to respecting good quality practices and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards in the management of their products, in order to preserve the safety, health and environment of our employees and our customers.