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Automatic samplers

Préleveurs automatiques d'échantillons | Automatic samplers

To sell or buy grain, you need to know the quality of your lots. Sampling and analysis of lots will be necessary. For these operations it will be essential to use Automatic samplers.

Types of suction of cereals:

Two types of cereal aspiration are offered:

  • Direct suction with single-tube tip
  • Suction by core drilling with twin-tube tip

Some examples of samplers:

Sampler which thanks to a tube will penetrate in the circuit to be sampled and will make the taking of sample by gravitation or aspiration with a programming of the number of samples to be taken in time according to the volume and the surface of the container.

With a simple or gyroscopic arm for a sampling by aspiration directly in the truck with programming of the surface retained for the analysis.