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Granulation systems

Granulation and compaction are techniques for reducing and mixing organic materials and components allowing the production of pellets, thus facilitating their storage and transport. All organic products having different granulometries, humidity, and apparent densities can be compacted such as biomass, wood, straw, by-products such as: bran, green fodder, beet pulp, and finally any other recyclable product (household waste, recycling of used tires and sludge from wastewater treatment plants).

The different uses of granulation systems:

This compaction process is used in many industrial sectors such as: feed for livestock, poultry, and fish, granulation of dry pulp, tires, biomass and several industrial wastes.

The usefulness of granulation systems:

The main machines used are flat die presses.

In addition and before the granulation, we proceed to the conditioning thanks to an expander or an extruder also used for the production of animal feed allowing the addition of liquid such as fats, mixture of vinasse and solubles.

It also allows the hygienization of the food, the reduction of micro-organisms (salmonella, etc…). Using an expander before an existing press increases the capacity of the latter by 30% à 40%.