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Freezing systems

In order to freeze foodstuffs without modifying their organoleptic qualities, it is necessary to apply a rapid lowering of their temperature lower than or equal to -18°C, so as to limit the time of stay of the product during the phase of maximum crystallization, included between -1°C and -5°C, according to the foodstuffs. This freezing process is called IQF (Individually Quick Frozen).

Generally for this process, a dynamic freezing tunnel with conveyor belt and fluidized bed is necessary. It allows individual freezing of small foods such as peas, cauliflower florets… by suspending the food in an ascending cold air stream (-30 to -50°C) allowing a very fast and individual freezing of pieces or particles, without sticking them.

Systèmes de surgélation - Freezing systems


It is equipped with fans, coolers, evaporators and a conveyor with two belts, the first belt takes the products to the pre-freezing area and the second one takes them to the main freezing area.

This device is very effective for small foods.

To freeze large foods, a belt freezer is used.

Spiral conveyor:

It allows to freeze several types of foodstuffs, such as meat products, poultry, fish, bakery products… by sweeping the foodstuffs transported on the spiral belt with a cold air flow ( – 40°C ).

The mesh of the spiral conveyor belt promotes the circulation of cold air around the product for a homogeneous freezing.