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Filters and Filter Elements

Filtration is a technology that allows the solid separation of liquids. For this purpose, it is important to collect precise information beforehand on the nature of the elements to be filtered (in put) and the desired results after filtration (out put).

Depending on the type of filtration to be carried out according to: the nature of the product, the volume to be treated, the available space, etc., different filtration systems can be proposed.

The list of equipment and accessories that we are going to detail are only non-limiting examples.
The cartridge filter is mainly used in the agro-industry, painting and water treatment and is composed of a filter body containing cartridges made of different materials offering several filtration thresholds, with a large selective filtration surface.

The pressure frame filter (horizontal or vertical) is used:

  • In the food industry: filtration after decoloration of sugars, fruit juices, clarification of beer and wine and treatment of vegetable oils either after pressing or during refining,
  • In the chemical industry: filtration of soda silicate, liquid sulfur, sodium chloride.

Pressure filter:

It consists of a horizontal or vertical tank with elements that always remain vertical and no moving parts, offering great safety in use.

Pressurized cricket filter:

This is another technical option that can be found in sugar factories for the filtration of 1st and 2nd carbonation sludge and as a safety filter in vegetable oil refineries.

These filters got their name from their cricket bat shaped elements. The design of this filter with its elements allows to install a large filtration surface in a reduced space allowing to treat up to 10 m3/ m2/h of liquid without erosion of the cake or wear of the media.

This results in a smaller backwash volume.

Pocket filter:

It contains a support basket with a textile bag whose material depends on the temperature, viscosity and acidity of the liquid to be filtered. This filter is mainly used as a safety filter after filtration.

The main filtering elements:

  • Textile pockets
  • Canvas
  • Frames
  • Cartridges.