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Conveyor belts

Bandes Transporteuses, Conveyor belts | Geissmann

The conveyor belt is a flexible handling material that allows the continuous movement of objects. It is installed on a conveyor belt and it is joined with heat or with staples. It is driven by motorized cylinders and its course can be horizontal, ascending or descending. It can be equipped with cleats or rafters for a better transmission of the products placed on it.


The most common special belts used in the industry are:

  • Process conveyor belts (PVC, PU, PE..)
  • Modular belts (PP, PE, POM..)
  • Positive drive belts.
  • In the agri-food industry, conveyor belts are installed in freezing tunnels for fruit, vegetables or fish, as well as in cooling tunnels for cookies and at the exit of ovens.
  • Cement factories and mines also use the belt on conveyors.
  • And many other applications of the conveyor belt in the automotive industry, packaging industry etc…